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Follow the instructions here.

How to Change Fonts

Load the Font

1. First, go to Google Fonts and pick a font (Roboto font is used as an example).
2. After you pick a font, click on it -> click on "SELECT THIS FONT" -> click on "FAMILY SELECTED".
3. Click on "CUSTOMIZE" and pick the styles you want.
4. Then click back on "EMBED" and copy the part that comes after this: <link href=" The selected part in the screenshot below is what you need to copy ("Roboto:400,400i,900,900i"):

6. Then go to your blog dashboard -> Theme -> Edit HTML and you'll see the Google Fonts code (it's between <!-- GOOGLE FONTS -->).
7. And, directly after the last font, add this: |Roboto:400,400i,900,900i8. The finished code has to look like this: <link href=',style2|Font2:style1,style2,style3|Roboto:400,400i,900,900i' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

Edit the CSS

The post body font will be edited as an example.
1. Go to Theme -> Edit HTML.
2. Click anywhere on the code once (necessary).
3. Press CTRL+F (or CMD+F on Mac) and paste this in the small search box that appears: body {4. Change the font-family from font-family: 'Font Name', serif/sans-serif; to font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;.
5. Change the font-weight, too. It's usually 400 for the regular version of most fonts, but it depends on the styles you've selected.
6. Click on "Save theme" and you're done.