Add a new instagram widget

The previous widget used in the themes will no longer work. You can generate a new widget from You'll have to register, but generating a widget is free.

Follow By Email (Subscribe) Widget

As Blogger will discontinue the "Follow By Email" widget on July 11, 2021, you should download your subscriber contacts and look into using another newsletter service (MailChimp, Flodesk, etc). You can get in touch by email ( if you'd like me to switch the sign up forms for you and customize the new one.

Set Up the 4 Image Boxes

1. Go to Layout -> open the Image widgets from Home - Column 1, Home - Column 2, Home - Column 3 and Home - Column 4.
2. Change the title from the Title field.
3. Add a tagline (optional) to the Caption field.
4. Add a link to the Link field. If you want to add a link to a label page, add this and replace Label Name with the title of your label:
/search/label/Label Name?max-results=12 5. Upload an image, but don't click on "Shrink to fit".
6. Click on "Save".