Important About Instagram

The Instagram widget will stop working on March 2, 2020, since Instagram is deprecating their API platform. Follow these instructions to add a new Instagram widget if you've purchased one of the themes listed below before February 19, 2020 or one of these themes.

Set Up the Instagram Widget

1. Go to Layout -> open the "latest 'grams from @username" widget from FOOTER9 - FULL.
2. Replace yourinstagramusername with your own username.

If you accidentally delete the code or the widget, here it is (add it to a HTML/JavaScript widget in the FOOTER9 - FULL section):
<div id="instagram-feed"></div>
<script src=""></script>
<script>(function(){ new InstagramFeed({
'username': 'yourinstagramusername',
'container': document.getElementById("instagram-feed"),
'display_profile': false,
'display_biography': false,
'display_gallery': true,
'callback': null,
'styling': true,
'items': 6,
'items_per_row': 6,
'margin': 0