Add a new instagram widget

Follow the instructions here.

Set Up the 3 Image Boxes

1. Go to Layout -> open the Image widgets from the "After Second Post" section (it's below the Blog Posts widget).
2. Change the title from the Title field (if you want any of the words to be italic, add <span> and </span> around them).
3. Add a tagline (optional) to the Caption field.
4. Add a link to the Link field. If you want to add a link to a label page, add this and replace Label Name with the title of your label:
/search/label/Label Name?max-results=12 5. Upload an image, but don't click on "Shrink to fit".
6. Click on "Save".

Change the "Browse by Category" heading:
1. Go to Theme > Edit HTML > click anywhere on the code once (necessary) > press CTRL+F (or CMD+F on Mac) and paste this in the small search box that appears:
Browse by Category 2. And change the text (make sure to keep <h2> and </h2> around the text).