Add a new instagram widget

Follow the instructions here.

Set Up the Instagram Widget

1. Go to Layout -> open the "Instagram" widget from the INSTAGRAM section.
3. Replace yourinstagramusername with your own username.

Add your link and username

To add your Instagram link and username like in the demo ("follow @bluebellsheart" below the Instagram heading), replace LINK and @username in the code.

If you accidentally delete the code or the widget, here it is (add it to a HTML/JavaScript widget in the INSTAGRAM section):
<h2>Instagram <i>follow <a href="LINK" target="_blank">@username</a></i></h2>
<div id="instafeed_wrap">
<div id="instafeed__wrap">
<div id="instagram-feed"></div>
<div style="clear: both;"></div>
<script src=""></script>
<script>(function(){ new InstagramFeed({
'username': 'yourinstagramusername',
'container': document.getElementById("instagram-feed"),
'display_profile': false,
'display_biography': false,
'display_gallery': true,
'callback': null,
'styling': true,
'items': 5,
'items_per_row': 5,
'margin': 1,